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Bias Crimes Presentation Request

Bias Crimes Presentation Request

Presentations provided by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Bias Crimes Unit can be requested by any school system within the county. Please review this page before following the below-listed links to the Bias Crimes Unit Presentation Request Forms.

Note that there has been an overwhelming demand on the Bias Crimes Unit for these and other presentations. As such, preference will be given (where noted) to those organizations that conform to the suggested guidelines. The online forms will request contact information from any organization interested in hosting a presentation. The request is then forwarded to members of the Unit for scheduling based on availability of Bias Crimes Unit personnel. You may use the notes field at the bottom of the request form to describe any special issues or concerns that you may have for your presentation; it can also be used to describe your student body or school system if we should know something in particular about your school community.

Please be advised that your organization is required to supply the following for a presentation:

  • Microphone w/voice amplification system
  • Laptop computer with Windows O/S, Microsoft PowerPoint and available USB
  • Wireless Presentation Remote Control (for PowerPoint)
  • Standard computer speakers
  • LCD/LDP projector (PowerPoint capable)
  • LARGE display area to offer a clear view to all present (i.e. Screen)
  • Surge Protector/Power Strip

Current Presentations:

Bias Unit Presentation

Bias Crimes Unit
(Approximately 1 hour)

Bias crimes are taken very seriously by New Jersey law enforcement and the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office. They are approached with an understanding that bias incidents require special handling by the law enforcement community. Further, suspected or confirmed bias crimes are investigated in a timely fashion, with special attention paid to victim assistance and community relations in order to reduce victim trauma and community tension or fear.

To that end, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, Bias Crimes Unit, has dedicated resources to investigate all incidents of alleged bias crimes and prosecute those responsible for committing these crimes. In addition to its primary functions of investigating and prosecuting bias crimes, the Bias Crimes Unit also provides training on bias crimes interdiction and investigation to county, state, and local law enforcement agencies.

Many of the cases referred to the Bias Crimes Unit are committed by juveniles. Because the offenders in these cases are young, it is the Bias Crimes Unit’s primary goal to educate the juveniles on the destructive nature of bias crimes. This presentation was designed to do just that – teach about negative bias and the harsh consequences it may cause them and their communities.