Educational Presentations

Fatal Accident Investigation Unit Presentation Request

Fatal Accident Investigation Unit Presentation Request

Please be advised that your organization is required to supply the following for a presentation:

  • Microphone w/voice amplification system
  • Laptop computer with Windows O/S, Microsoft PowerPoint and available USB
  • Wireless Presentation Remote Control (for PowerPoint)
  • Standard computer speakers
  • LCD/LDP projector (PowerPoint capable)
  • LARGE display area to offer a clear view to all present (i.e. Screen)
  • Surge Protector/Power Strip

Current Presentations:

DWI/Distracted Driving and Serious Motor Vehicle Collisions for High School Students

(Approximately 45 minutes - can be modified based on time constraints)

This presentation often coincides with prom season and graduation season for High School Juniors and Seniors. It is typically presented to the 11th and/or 12th grade(s), but schools may include students as young as 9th grade if they so choose. The presentation is not appropriate for students 8th grade or younger. The presentation educates students on the dangers of drinking and driving, hosting parties where alcohol is served/present, texting while driving, and the consequences following collisions resulting from DWI, reckless driving, cell phone use and more. Presenters incorporate first-hand experience in cases involving teen drunk driving, distracted driving and fatal accidents. The host agency/school should choose between two themes for the presentation; DWI or Cell Phone Use Behind the Wheel. Depending on the theme of the presentation, two videos are available which may be incorporated. Both videos are approximately 22 minutes long, and will be followed by a lecture/Q&A session designed to fit within the allotted time frame. Regardless of the host’s choice of the primary theme, both topics will be touched upon during the lecture. The DWI video was produced by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, and depicts a fictional yet typical case of teen drunk driving resulting in a fatal accident. The cell phone themed video was produced collaboratively by the top four major cellular telephone companies as a PSA, and it tells the stories of drivers and victims involved in serious motor vehicle accidents caused by distracted drivers.