Educational Presentations

Financial Crimes Unit Presentation Request

Financial Crimes Unit Presentation Request

Please be advised that your organization is required to supply the following for a presentation:

  • Microphone w/voice amplification system
  • Laptop computer with Windows O/S, Microsoft PowerPoint and available USB
  • Wireless Presentation Remote Control (for PowerPoint)
  • Standard computer speakers
  • LCD/LDP projector (PowerPoint capable)
  • LARGE display area to offer a clear view to all present (i.e. Screen)
  • Surge Protector/Power Strip

Current Presentations:

Social Media Scams

Financial Crimes Unit
(Approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour with Q&A)

The presentations from the Financial Crimes Unit are for adults aged 18-65+.

Attendee’s of these programs will gain an understanding of social media scams and the impact of financial crimes on the community. Social media is everywhere around us all the time. Criminals have taken advantage of this unprecedented access to your personal life in order to catch you when you are off guard. Romance scams proliferate singles sites visited by the young and old alike. “Get rich quick”, “easy money”, promises of cheap luxury merchandise lure you into believing that someone has some insight you don’t. Working at home and a new “side hustle” intended to give an extra stream of family income quickly turn you into a money mule moving stolen proceeds to criminal organizations. We will go over all these scams, how to avoid them, and how to repair your identity should it become necessary. There is also time allowed for Q&A with FCU personnel.