Financial Crimes Unit

Financial Crimes Unit

The Financial Crimes Unit is responsible for the investigation of major theft and fraud offenses committed in Bergen County. Generally, the Financial Crimes Unit limits its participation in theft and fraud investigations to cases involving a loss of $75,000 or more. Due to the complex and multi-jurisdictional nature of theft and fraud investigations, the squad often assists local municipalities in cases requiring special expertise.

Currently, the Financial Crimes Unit is staffed with an assistant prosecutor, a lieutenant, a sergeant and detectives. A member of the squad is on call to respond to emergent matters after hours and on weekends.

The types of theft or fraud cases handled by the Financial Crimes Unit include such offenses as theft by deception, forgery, embezzlement, stock fraud, insurance fraud, credit card fraud, home improvement fraud, elder fraud and violations of professional licensing statutes.

Cases are developed through information received directly from victims, municipal police departments and other law enforcement agencies, consumer protection agencies and through New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice referrals.

The Financial Crimes Unit regularly fields citizen contacts concerning issues that may not fall within the purview of the squad. Although personnel are prohibited from providing legal advice, the citizen will be referred to a more appropriate agency.