Narcotic Task Force

Narcotics Task Force

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Narcotic Task Force has evolved to its present form over a period of about thirty years. The mission of the Narcotic Task Force is to investigate the illegal use and distribution of illicit drugs within Bergen County and to service the municipal police agencies within the county. It does so utilizing a multi-jurisdictional approach. Municipal police departments within Bergen County are encouraged to assign personnel to the Narcotic Task Force for varying periods of duration and the Narcotic Task Force routinely assigns personnel to other investigative agencies as well, believing that it is only through cooperation that law enforcement’s anti-drug efforts will be successful. Narcotic Task Force personnel serve full time with the United States Immigration and Customs Service (ICE) and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

The Narcotic Task Force is also involved in the drug enforcement training and education of police officers and both hosts and provides instructors for in-service police training classes conducted at the Bergen County Police Academy and other police training academies. Instructors are also provided for Basic Police Training recruits. The Narcotic Task Force cooperates with the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice, the New Jersey State Police and the County Narcotics Commander’s Association of New Jersey by supplying faculty for the state’s premier drug enforcement courses: Top Gun, the Development Education and Leadership Training Academy (DELTA) and the Undercover Narcotic Investigation Training (UNIT) courses which are attended by law enforcement personnel throughout the country. Community outreach programs are also conducted in the county’s schools and through civic groups.