Public Notice

The spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) has negatively impacted statewide infrastructure and reduced the availability of a wide number of treatment, prevention, and recovery resources, which are essential for DMI Health and Prevention Sharing Network (HPSN) partners and the individuals we serve.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NJ’s Drug Monitoring Initiative (DMI) has created a “New Jersey Resource Guide” to provide DMI partners and the public with a list of programs, links, and information to relevant resources for a variety of important topics. Updated: 3/31/20

These topics include (Updates Highlighted):

    • Executive updates from the NJ Office of the Governor (Updated)
    • National, statewide, and county-level COVID-19 updates (Updated)
    • Where to access naloxone (Narcan)
    • Recovery support resources & meetings information
    • Mental health resources
    • Crisis Hotline information and contacts
    • State-level resources (Updated)
    • Social Services resources (New)
    • Center for Disease Control (CDC) links and resources
    • Food banks and emergency shelter information, by county (Updated)
    • Senior services information (Updated)
    • Veteran resources (New)
    • First Responder resources (New)
    • College resources
    • Job search resources
    • Information for businesses & employees (Updated)
    • Home expenses information
    • In-home education resources for students and parents
    • Online entertainment information to ease social distancing & self-isolation
    • Health & wellness resources
    • Self-Care resources (New)
    • Volunteers/donations opportunities