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Active Shooter Training

Active Shooter Training Request

Presentations provided by the Bergen County Prosecutor`s Regional SWAT Team (RST) can be requested by any school system within the county. Please review this page before following the below-listed link to the Active Shooter Training Request Form.

The Bergen County Regional SWAT Team (RST) can provide an enhanced presentation that includes the sounds of blank gunfire and/or a brief demonstration of tactical movements. If you choose this option, an additional 30 minutes is required beyond the lecture presentation for a total of 90 minutes. The RST will be responsible for all safety precautions. You are responsible for notifying all attendees in advance that there will be simulated gunfire and that any attendee may opt out of this portion of the training without penalty or consequence.

Please be advised that your organization is required to supply the following for a presentation:

  • Microphone w/voice amplification system
  • Laptop computer with Windows O/S, Microsoft PowerPoint and available USB
  • Wireless Presentation Remote Control (for PowerPoint)
  • Standard computer speakers
  • LCD/LDP projector (PowerPoint capable)
  • LARGE display area to offer a clear view to all present (i.e. Screen)
  • Surge Protector/Power Strip

Current Presentation:

Active Shooter Training

Response to Active Shooter Events: Policy, Plan, Response and Recovery

Bergen County Regional SWAT Team
(Approximately 60 minutes)

The “Response to Active Shooter Events” training educates school personnel on formulating a proper security plan and sticking to it. The training emphasizes concepts which can be translated into a number of different scenarios. It also focuses on common questions and issues, such as windows, door shades and fire alarms, which are all too often absent from other broad-based active shooter trainings. The training relies heavily on “proof of concept” by analyzing these recommendations during actual school shooting events.

Too often generic active shooter trainings are merely a historical and statistical review of active shooter events. These trainings are of limited value to school personnel as they typically do not relate directly to actual skills that improve safety and survival.

School personnel who have a clear understanding of their security plan and strictly adhere to it increase their chances of surviving an active shooter event. They immediately begin to work their security plan during an active shooter event, and they have the ability to adjust the plan based on changing circumstances.

While school personnel often times understand what they are supposed to do during an active shooter event this training focuses on “why” they should do so. Understanding why certain concepts work will help increase survivability and lead to better planning before events unfold.